M1 Jet
M1 Jet
Category: Saw Jet
  • DISK DIAMETER 350-625
  • MOTOR POWER 24 KW (S6)

Versatile, productive and efficient!

M1 JET is a new generation high-performance 32 HP CNC saw & waterjet machine designed to significantly increase production capacity and efficiency, saving time and materials. The reinforced structure in hot-dip galvanized steel of the bridge and of the frame make the machine very stable to stress during processing and able to get the most from the 32 HP spindle motor. The bridge is made with vertical segmentation that makes it particularly resistant to loads and stresses, making normal mechanical bending insignificant. The Z axis moves very fast and easy thanks to a twin pneumatic cylinder system. M1JET allows you to quickly change the different tools available: waterjet, granite/marble blade, quartz blade, core bit and finger bit. It can process any stone and ceramic material quickly and efficiently.

Extreme cut
The Next Jet is a multi-tooling machine with Water Jet 5 axis CNC technology. It can cut with a blade, water-jet, or completely automated milling bits on a large range of kitchen countertops and hard surfaces.


Fast Tool change
A multifaceted machine that lets you change tools fast: Waterjet, discs for granite, marble and quartz, as well as bits for milling. All this is located in an automatic stainless-steel compartment, situated at the back of the machine.


Easy programming
Programming has never been easier with the Sasso Fast Path software. The machine can automatically generate the tooling path for the 2D cutting discs, blades, waterjet, and milling bits.


Inclined cut on the entire slab
The Next Jet can make 45° cuts with both the blade and water jet on the entire surface of the slab. With the increased use of unique materials for kitchen countertops, it is more important than ever to count on the cutting process being easy and versatile.

M1 Jet

A useful tooling compartment for quickly change the cut systems.

A useful tooling compartment allows you to quickly change the different systems on hand: Waterjet, discs for granite, marble and quartz, as well as bits for milling. It can work on gravestone material easily and efficiently, saving you time and material.
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