Category: Saw Jet
  • Disc diameter min 350 - max 625 mm
  • Bench dimensions 3942 x 2996 mm
  • Spindle motor 18,5 KW S6
  • Approximate weight 6700 kg

Double cutting system: disc and waterjet.

M1X is the best answer to the need for a compact, reliable, fast and precise disc and waterjet combination machine. The structure, with monoblock architecture, gives the frame an exceptional stiffness that translates into a remarkable improvement in cutting precision. M1X represents the entry level of the Sasso waterjet range and constitutes a milestone in the industry, approaching significantly the growing needs of low cost operations, both for the purchase investment, both for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and for electricity consumption.

Versatile and functional
Thanks to the disc/saw and waterjet combination, M1X is extremely versatile and can completely separate the pieces without having to move any part.


Easy to install
The installation of the machine is simplified to facilitate the commissioning. The software can automatically optimize the cuts to make the programming process extremely easy, saving time and electricity.


Compact dimensions
The dimensions are similar to a compact 5 axis saw and the simplified load in a 40″ open top container make this product also perfect for installation at start-ups and small laboratories.


Sasso quality and technology
The special waterjet cutting head, true to the M1 line, is removable and adjustable according to a rotation axis that is independent from the disc and is very easy to maintain.

Assistance Software