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    F Top
    Category: Polishers
    • 0-3 Calibrating spindles
    • 6-10 smoothing/polishing spindles
    • Max working width 600/800/1000

    Built to long last

    Over 40 years of innovation make F-Top an excellent polisher for marble slabs. Advanced and ergonomic design. Performance and safety. To work and last to the maximum. Oversized joints and moving parts. Highest quality components, everything works in perfect harmony. A high engineering project.

    Base structure
    A steel monoblock frame worked on CNC machines is the robust base structure of F-TOP to optimize the polishing process and grant a high resistance in time. The top of the base structure (where it is housed the conveyor belt) is assembled with interchangeable plates designed to last and easily replaceable.


    Bridge movement
    The bridge is moved through a pinion and rack transmission system; the racks are tempered and casehardened, and grant a perfect movement. The sliding translation is on roller runners in oil bath.


    Every spindle group is installed inside the spindles holding bridge in order to get the maximum rigidity of the loadbearing structure. On each spindle it is installed a sensor which is in communication with the PLC and controls the abrasives consumption.


    Through the control panel it is possible to activate and personalize every function: speed of the bridge and of the belt, deceleration on the slab edges, abrasives consumption control and much more. Everything with the maximum simplicity, thanks to color touch screen control panel.

    Assistance Software