Extrema 1200/1600

Traditional bridge saw


For complex works, choose Extrema. A high-tech bridge saw. Steel and fiberglass blend into a single structure to reach the maximum efficiency and technical perfection.

• Double beam bridge, properly sized and fully hot galvanized.
• Interchangeable hard steel guides, for the sliding movement of the bridge and carriage.
• Inverter-controlled motors for smooth and accurate movements.
• Dual chromium plated built-up tubes, electronically controlled, guide the disk upwards and downwards.
• Large diameter bearing equipped with pneumatic actuator lock (TO ROTATE THE BENCH).

Some components shown are added on request.

Technical data and pictures are not binding. The company reserves to itself the right of making changes without any notice. Speed and modality of working can vary according to the thickness and the quality of the material and they can demand more passages.


EXTREMA 1200/1600


Disc 45° - Extrema1200/1600 - Macchine - Sassomeccanica
Disc inclined at 45°
Cut - Extrema1200/1600 - Macchine - Sassomeccanica
Cut alignment laser
Extrema1200/1600 - Macchine - Sassomeccanica

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