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Plug’n Bull
Category: Edge Polishers
  • Max thickness 6 cm
  • 6 heads on arm
  • 2 bevels

The vertical edge polisher that makes the horizontal envious

If you have a small working space, you need a vertical and compact polisher: PLUG’N BULL. To shape and polish round and flat edges, also in a large-scale production.

Hot dip galvanisation
Ensures the benches will last through time.


Compact machine
Working in the vertical position means reducing the space occupied by the machine itself.


Versatile and high-performing
The machine can carry out toroidal and flat edge workings

Plug’n Bull

Performance accessible to all. Avant-garde components

Versatile and high-performing, it can carry out toroidal and flat edge workings

The Plug'n Bull is the perfect idea to outline and polish rounded and flat profiles. Suitable for serial production as well.
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