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Category: Saws
  • Disk diameter 500
  • 2 interpolated axis
  • Motor Power 11 KW
  • Max. cutting depth 140 mm

Easy and comfortable to use

The Sasso K500 CNC mono-bloc bridge saw is designed and build for the natural stone industry. It has a rotating head & fixed table.

Particularly compact machine, thanks to its one-piece structure, completely hot dip galvanised


The machine can quickly make straight, oblique, polish profiles.


Easy to use
Thanks to the intuitive touch screen, programming is a walk in the park.


Fast and versatile

Laser protection barriers on the front side ensure the Sasso K500, offers safety and protection. With hot galvanized construction, stainless steel and composite components, the K500 is resistant to wear. The K500 CNC saw is constructed with service & maintenance in mind, with easy access to drives and components. For quality beyond time.

With K500 every work is possible

The on-board, user friendly touch screen has a selection of simple programmes for straight cuts, oblique cuts and linear profiles.
Assistance Software