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Category: Polishers
  • 10-16 polishing heads
  • 3-5 calibrators
  • Max. worked width 1200 a 2000

Strong and solidly-built. A project of high engineering.

Over 40 years of innovation made F-TOP a slab polisher of excellence. Ergonomic and advanced design. High performance and safety. For a long-lasting performance at maximum efficiency.

Hot dip galvanisation
Ensures the benches will last through time


Versatile and high performing, the machine comes with a slab reading system that automates the polishing process. The polishing beam and spindles ensure high performance thanks to a wide variation of oscillation speed


Thanks to its one-piece structure, the machine takes up little room, and loading and unloading the slabs on the tilting bench is very easy


The most useful devices to support the operator in the management of working operations

The skeleton of F-TOP is strong and robust. Joints and moving parts are adequate. Components of first choice. And everything runs in perfect armony. A project of high engineering
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