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Extrema 1200/1600
Category: Saws
  • Disk diameter 1200/1600
  • 0 interpolated axis
  • Motor power 36 KW - 43 KW
  • Max. cutting depth 450 - 600 mm

A high-tech bridge saw to reach the maximum efficiency and technical perfection

For complex works, choose Extrema. A high-tech bridge saw. Steel and fiberglass blend into a single structure to reach the maximum efficiency and technical perfection.

Hot dip galvanisation
The structure is fully hot dip galvanised, to last through time


Easy to use
Very easy to program the different cuts. A saw that anyone can use


Versatility and power
Thanks to its sturdy turning benches and powerful disk motors, the EXTREMA machines can easily cut single slabs, stacks of slabs and/or hardwood

Extrema 1200/1600

A high-tech bridge saw

Sasso offers you the possibility to choose between two versions of Extrema. With a different disc size and cutting depth one each other. Choose according to the needs of your business.
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