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Category: Saws
  • Disk diameter 900
  • 5 interpolated axis
  • Motor power 31 KW
  • Max. cutting depth 310 mm

The best of K series at maximum power

CNC bridge saw with tilting head and 5 interpolated axes. It can perform arches, cuts inclined at 90°, plus profile roughing and shoulder blade finishing. Ideal for kitchen and bathroom tops, and pieces machined from solid block.

A top-notch product for architecture
The K900 can use a disk to cut up to a maximum diameter of 900 mm, and thanks to its 42 HP S6 of disk motor and to the 600 mm of the Z axis track, it offers a wide range of possibilities of working in architecture.


Versatile and powerful
Thanks to its 5 axis, the machine can quickly make straight, oblique or curved cuts, polish profiles (including curved ones), make incisions and bas-relief (optional).


Easy to use
Thanks to the touch screen PC and the SASSO software, the machine is very easy to program, and can even generate cutting programs by itself, using the dxf files for kitchen tops and 2D. A 5-axis that anyone can use.


Working the stone in an imperative and authoritative way

This is the K900, without compromises. The perfect partner to face the most challenging dimensions. But with grace and efficiency.


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