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Category: Saws
  • Disk diameter 625
  • 5 interpolated axis
  • Motor power 13,5 KW - 18,5 KW
  • Max. cutting depth 200 mm

Built for those who produce tops and not just that.

To cut in any direction and inclination, profile roughing and finishing with shoulder or blade.

Particularly compact and sturdy machine, thanks to its one-piece structure, completely hot dip galvanised


Versatile and powerful
Thanks to its 5 axis, the machine can quickly make straight, oblique or curved cuts, polish profiles (including curved ones), make incisions and bas-relief (optional)


Easy to use
Thanks to the touch screen PC and the SASSO software, the machine is very easy to program, and can even generate cutting programs by itself, using the dxf files for kitchen tops and 2D. A 5-axis that anyone can use.


Easy to program, precise cuts, and no waste

Sphere recirculation guides, brushless motors and reducers with little backlash to ensure high speed and precision cutting. Ability to minimise extra cuts thanks to Sasso's new PLUNGE CUT technology.

There’s no limit but creativity

With K600 any working is possible. The various programming modalities optimize timings and work.

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