Round and flat edge polishing


A wide machine frame to lodge additional spindles: this is the strenght of SEVEN. The most versatile edge polisher that opens up new working processes.

A great edge polisher for maximum versatility.

Some components shown are added on request.

Technical data and pictures are not binding. The company reserves to itself the right of making changes without any notice. Speed and modality of working can vary according to the thickness and the quality of the material and they can demand more passages.




Calibrator - Seven - Sassomeccanica
Calibrator/water drip unit and open bevelling/roughing spindles group
Oscillating bar - Seven - Sassomeccanica
Oscillating bar with 7 or 8 edge polishing spindles
Bevelling Spindles - Seven - Sassomeccanica
Open bevelling spindles group
Multifunction spindle - Seven - Sassomeccanica
Multifunction spindle for levelling, anti-slip bush-hammered strip, vertical and inclined cuts
Colour Touch Screen - Seven - Sassomeccanica
Cutting-edge colour touch screen

Possible works:

Calibrating - Works - Sassomeccanica
Bevelling - Work - Sassomeccanica
Round bevelling- Works - Sassomeccanica
Round bevelling
Bull-nose - Works - Sassomeccanica
Flat Edge - Work - Sassomeccanica
Flat Edge
Half Bull-nose - Works - Sassomeccanica
Half bull nose
Water drip - Work - Sassomeccanica
Water drip
Waterfall - Works - Sassomeccanica
Mitre Cut - Work - Sassomeccanica
Intermediate profile
Bush hammering -Works - Sassomeccanica
Bush hammering
Mitre Cut - Work - Sassomeccanica
Intermediate profile
Partial working- Work - Sassomeccanica
Partial working
Slot - Work - Sassomeccanica
Kerf - Profili Lavorazioni - Sassomeccanica

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