Flat 10.4

Edge polisher for flat edges and bevels


If speed and production are never enough for you, choose FLAT 10.4. Designed to polish even thick flat edges in a fast and efficient way. The top for the most demanding needs.

For high and performing production.

Some components shown are added on request.

Technical data and pictures are not binding. The company reserves to itself the right of making changes without any notice. Speed and modality of working can vary according to the thickness and the quality of the material and they can demand more passages.


FLAT 10.4

Flat 10.4

Calibrating/water-drip spindle - Sassomeccanica
Calibrating/water-drip spindle
Spindles Group - Sassomeccanica
Additional bevelling spindles group
Multifunctional Spindle - Sassomeccanica
Multifunctional spindle
Touch Screen - Sassomeccanica
Cutting-edge coulour touch screen

Possible works

Calibrating - Works - Sassomeccanica
Anti Slip - Works- Sasso
Anti slip bush-hammered strip
Flat Edge - Work - Sassomeccanica
Flat Edge
Rough moulding - Work - Sassomeccanica
Rough moulding
Bevelling - Work - Sassomeccanica
Slot - Work - Sassomeccanica
Water drip - Work - Sassomeccanica
Water drip
Kerf - Profili Lavorazioni - Sassomeccanica
Mitre Cut - Work - Sassomeccanica
Intermediate profile
Partial working- Work - Sassomeccanica
Partial working


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